Diorshow Extase mascara and Dior Maximizer review

dior extase and maximizer mascara

Let me tell you right away, that I didn`t plan on buying the Diorshow Extase mascara in the first place. They got me with the 2 in 1 pack, where you get the Extase mascara with the Maximizer (some kind of primer for eyelashes). The price was around 30€.

1. Diorshow Extase mascara:

Diorshow extase mascara review

I was right about the Extase mascara- it`s nothing special. Dior has much better mascaras, such as the original Diorshow and supposedly Diorshow Iconic. The Extase mascara is too wet, even after 4-5 months of use. The wand is similar to the Givenchy Noir Couture mascara which I liked better. The good thing is that I got it with the Maximizer, because the Extase mascara on its own clumps my eyelashes like crazy.

2. Diorshow maximizer:

Diorshow maximizer mascara

Dior Maximizer is a lot more interesting. It is some kind of a primer for eyelashes. I use it before applying regular mascara. It is white and it gives the eyelashes length, volume and curls them a bit. It makes the eyelashes harder so the regular mascara over it doesn`t clump the lashes. It`s suppose to have the nurturing effect on the eyelashes, but I don`t believe that it shows.

If I use it with the Extase mascara the effect is obvious. When I tried it with some other mascaras there were no visible results. I did notice though that it works well with the Maybelline Rocket mascara.

I don`t know what the right way to use Dior Maximizer is, I always wait so it dries a bit otherwise it is a mess.

Here is the picture of Dior Maximizer on my eyelashes:

 Diorshow maximizer swatch on eyelashes

On the right eye (on the picture that is the left eye), I used the Maximizer under the Extase mascara and on the left one I used only the Extase mascara:

Dior Extase mascara swatch and Dior Maximizer before and after

My conclusion is, that you should invest in a good mascara and you won`t need the Maximizer ;).

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  1. Eva
    February 28, 2014 at 4:19 pm (1 year ago)

    Mene Dior vedno premami z lepo embalažo, potem pa vsakič znova ugotovim, da je to tudi edina pozitivna lastnost njihovih maskar. No, in to, da mi nikoli ne zlepijo trepalnic. :) Nazadnje sem kupila Diorshow Blackout – boring.


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